Information Packet
Helpful Resources​​​
       From time to time, we will post ​articles of interest that are informative and helpful in nature. Our hope is that these will inform the readers and better equip them for their involvement in the Christian life and missionary endeavor. AMI may not agree with all of the content of the following articles, but is providing them as possibly helpful resources. 
        Our current Mission Briefing (newsletter) can be found on the Newsletters page. Back issues of the Mission Briefing can be accessed on the Newsletters Archive page. 
        The Information Packet contains information about the ministry of AMI and answers many of the questions asked by pastors and others and should fulfill the requirements found in many questionnaires sent out by churches.
        AMI will be conducting Seminars for missionaries, pastors, churches and those interested in preparedness for emergency and crisis situations. Information on these seminars is available in the brochure. Please contact AMI with any questions you may have that have not been answered in the brochure.