Current Projects

Missionary Medical Evacuation Assistance Ministry

  • Injuries and illness can happen to anyone anywhere at anytime – and this includes missionaries. This even includes pastors and laymen that travel in the ministry. Medical emergencies are a challenge in the USA where ambulance service and medical treatment are readily available in most of the country. Such is not the case on many foreign mission fields. Medical emergencies can be devastating if not life threatening.
  • Have you ever wondered how missionaries would get proper and adequate medical care in case of emergency that requires inpatient care? Can a missionary choose a particular hospital that would meet their needs at the time? How would they get there in a timely fashion?
  • AMI is partnering with a provider of air medical transportation to assist missionaries in getting to the hospital of their choice in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner. For details on this ministry, or to enroll CLICK HERE.

Missionary Aviation Survey

  • The objectives for our survey of missionary aviation are:
    1. To determine who is using aircraft in support of the Church's mission and her missionaries.
    2. To determine what type and how many aircraft are being used.
    3. To determine where those aircraft are and where those aircraft fly.
    4. To develop a database of information to assist in bringing together those with urgent needs and those with aviation resources to meet those needs.
  • Preliminary results of the survey have identified 167 aircraft serving 45 countries under 22 organizations that could be available for operations upon request.
  • If you or your organization uses aircraft in support of missionary activity or would be available to do so, please take a minute to complete the survey form so we may add you to our database. All information is strictly confidential and will not be released without the express consent of the organization. Thank you.
  • Click here for Survey Form.

Alert Notification System

  • This system is currently being configured and fund raising conducted to procure equipment. This will enable churches, mission boards, and missionaries to directly contact AMI with a request in a timely manner. Once notified with a request, AMI will then contact the appropriate organizations to begin the coordination process. Time is of the essence.

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