Missionary Medical Evacuation Assistance Ministry

Aviation Missions, Inc. is partnering with a leading medical evacuation company to provide group rates for membership in a program that provides worldwide medical evacuation for members 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If a member is sick or injured while more than 99 miles from home and requires inpatient hospitalization, they will be transported to the hospital of their choice virtually anywhere in the world. This is NOT an insurance policy or program. It is a membership program with a global network of air ambulance affiliates with access to medically-configured/ICU-equipped air ambulances staffed with specially trained emergency medical personnel ready to launch at a moment’s notice.

Who should join this program?

  • Missionaries and families
  • Pastors,evangelists, home missionaries who travel more than 99 miles from their home.

Why should you join?

  • Travel insurance, standard medical insurance, assistance plans, platinum card memberships do not offer a program as comprehensive and with as few restrictions as this one. The missionary and his family will be evacuated to the hospital they choose if they require inpatient care and are stable for transport.
  • Cost of an international medical transport could be as much as $65,000 to $150,000. The pre-paid membership annual fee is the only cost for domestic and international protection. There is a $1,000,000 limit on evacuation benefits for individuals, and $2,000,000 for families; no deductibles; no co-payments; no claim forms.
  • There are no natural disaster
  • exclusions.

Which plan is appropriate?

  • Missionaries who are overseas full-time should choose the Annual International Plan.
  • Missionaries, pastors, evangelists, or others who travel more than 99 miles from home have two plans to choose from, depending on trips outside of the USA.
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Please contact AMI with any questions regarding this program or the different plans. To apply for membership, simply click on the GEOS logo to fill out the registration form.

Below is a chart comparing typical travel insurance, premium card, and assistance program coverages with this membership plan.

This program will arrange evacuation for injury
or illness, as long as your transport origin and
destination is an inpatient hospital setting.
Your travel insurance coverage or assistance program probably says it will transport you if evacuation is a "medical necessity." In other words, they get to decide whether or not your condition merits transport.
This program lets you decide where you want to go in the event of a medical evacuation. For instance, we'll take you to the hospital in your hometown, even if you are thousands of miles away, virtually anywhere in the world. Insurance and premium card programs typically reserve the right to transport patients to the "nearest appropriate hospital." If they think you are getting adequate treatment where you are, you may have to stay in that hospital.
This program guarantees transports in the United States as well as internationally. As long as you are more than 99 miles from your primary residence, you qualify. With other programs, you may not qualify for a transport unless you are traveling internationally.
This is a pre-paid membership program with a $1 million dollar limit on costs for medical evacuation and repatriation. Travel insurance and premium card programs usually have a cap on how much they will spend on their covered services. This averages $75,000.
No deductibles, co-payments or claim forms. (See below for limited exclusions.) Extensive pre-existing conditions exclusions may apply. Programs usually have exclusions or require extra payment to lift exclusions on some travel, terrorism, and natural disasters. Services are often subject to a deductible.

Terms and conditions

• Anyone under the age of 75 may apply for Membership (over 75, contact AMI).
• GEOS will make all arrangements for medical evacuation and repatriation.
• Both the originating and receiving hospital must be reasonably accessible by ground ambulance to
transport the member to and from an airfield capable of accommodating an authorized aircraft.
• You must be hospitalized as an inpatient and need to be admitted as an inpatient at the hospital to
which you are being repatriated.
• If the medical condition allows, you will be transported by scheduled airline while in the care of the
GEOS medical team.
• Evacuation flights will be performed if you need to be hospitalized as an inpatient and the remaining
inpatient stay can be completed at a hospital near your home.
• GEOS will cover medical expenses for stabilization prior to evacuation and repatriation only. The
amount covered is specified in the scale of benefits as detailed in the benefits section of the policy.
• Decisions concerning the urgency, timing and most suitable means of transportation will be made by
GEOS after consultation with the local attending physician and the receiving physician.

Air medical transport services will not be provided in cases where a member:
• is suffering with mild lesions, simple injuries such as sprains, simple fractures or mild illness which can be treated by
local doctors and do not prevent the member from continuing his or her trip or returning home;
• Is suffering from tuberculosis or other chronic airborne pathogens;
• has a primary admitting diagnosis of a psychiatric disorder;
• is medically discharged or leaves the hospital against medical advice and is able to travel on their
• is travelling outside their country of residence for the sole purpose of seeking medical treatment whether
inpatient or outpatient, experimental or otherwise;
• is travelling following a terminal prognosis;

Members will not be entitled to air medical transport benefits if their illness or injury is a result of or is contributed to by the following:
• Pre-existing medical condition. The underwriters shall not be liable for any claim directly or indirectly consequent
upon or contributed to by any defect, infirmity or medical condition known to a Member at the inception date or
renewal date of Membership. This exclusion shall not apply if such condition has been without the necessity of
medical consultation or treatment for 24 consecutive months prior to the original inception date or any subsequent
membership renewal date.
• War, invasion or civil war;
• Suicide or attempted suicide or intentional self injury;
• Alcohol or Drug abuse;
• A members own criminal or felonious act, or sustained while the member is in a state of insanity;
• A member with an infectious disease under treatment at the time of enrolment will not be
transported for any condition related to that infection;
• A member on an organ transplant list prior to enrolment will not be entitled to a transport for that